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May 4 - May 7
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CI/CD [clear filter]
Wednesday, May 5

12:20 CEST

The Road to Interoperability in Cloud Native Continuous Delivery - Kara de la Marck, CloudBees & Fatih Degirmenci, Ericsson
The emergence of cloud native has resulted in tremendous advances in enabling organizations to develop new services and make them available to end users. In addition, new paradigms such as Continuous Delivery (CD) allow organisations to do this much faster than before, empowering them to go to market ahead of the competition. Despite its many advantages, the cloud native CD ecosystem has its challenges. This session will discuss issues arising from the lack of interoperability across proliferating cloud native CD technologies. We will look at end user case studies, including existing integration initiatives such as that between Tekton and Jenkins X. However, these initiatives are localised to the projects involved and do not address the challenges holistically. We will highlight the necessity, and greater sustainability, of a holistic approach to interoperability in the CD ecosystem and invite attendees to join community efforts.

avatar for Kara de la Marck

Kara de la Marck

Open Source Developer Relations, CloudBees
Kara works at CloudBees with the Jenkins and Jenkins X open source communities. She is co-chair of the Continuous Delivery Foundation’s Interoperability SIG, chair of the Jenkins Cloud Native SIG, and is a mentor and org admin for Outreachy and Google Summer of Code. As a board... Read More →
avatar for Fatih Degirmenci

Fatih Degirmenci

Principal Developer, Ericsson
Fatih specializes in automation, infrastructure, CI/CD, and DevOps and is currently involved in several CI/CD initiatives across Ericsson and within open source. He has previously served in the OPNFV Technical Steering Committee as committer-at-large representative and has led the... Read More →

Wednesday May 5, 2021 12:20 - 12:55 CEST
CI/CD Theater

13:10 CEST

Helm Users! What Flux 2 Can Do For You - Scott Rigby & Kingdon Barrett, Weaveworks
Helm, the Package manager for Kubernetes. Flux, the GitOps continuous delivery solution for Kubernetes. Both can be used independently, but are more powerful together. Scott Rigby, Helm and Flux maintainer — and Kingdon Barrett, OSS engineer — will share the benefits of Helm and GitOps for developers, with live demos showcasing the extra awesomeness of Flux v2 and Helm together. This talk is for Helm users who have either never used Flux, or Flux v1 users looking forward to new features in Flux v2.

avatar for Scott Rigby

Scott Rigby

DX, Weaveworks
I'm a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist and open source software engineer, co-developing experimental cultural projects and emerging technologies. I co-founded the Basekamp art and research group in 1998 and the massively collaborative Plausible Artworlds international network... Read More →
avatar for Kingdon Barrett

Kingdon Barrett

Open Source Support Engineer, Weaveworks
Kingdon is a FluxCD collaborator and the newest member of the DX team at Weaveworks. He is a long-time Helm enthusiast and Ruby developer, and also works on the legendary cloud-native PaaS for Kubernetes, Hephy Workflow, in his fun time. Kingdon is a graduate of the Rochester Institute... Read More →

Wednesday May 5, 2021 13:10 - 13:45 CEST
CI/CD Theater

14:15 CEST

How DoD Uses K8s and Flux to Achieve Compliance and Deployment Consistency - Michael Medellin & Gordon Tillman, Department of Defense
Like many other organizations, the DoD also started the journey to K8s and had its own challenges. Due to the nature of DoD systems, there are applications that are deployed in a more relaxed environment such as AWS GovCloud and also in a more restricted air-gapped environments with no internet or external connectivity. In the beginning, it was all about manual deployment and operations. By introducing Helm and Flux, DoD moved to a more declarative model where everything is version controlled and deployed by Flux thereby reducing manual operations, improving deployment consistency and also bringing more compliance with regard to change management and application life cycle. This session will walk through the migration steps, what it takes to operate Flux in an air-gapped environment and how we achieved parity when applications are deployed to environments with different constraints.

avatar for Gordon Tillman

Gordon Tillman

Principal Software Engineer, Department of Defense F9 Team
Gordon is the Principal Software Engineer for F9 Teams working on projects for the Department for Defense. A veteran of the US Navy, Gordon has established himself a leader in cloud native infrastructure and software with a 20+ year career spanning firms like Shell, Kindle Publishing... Read More →
avatar for Michael Medellin

Michael Medellin

Director of Engineering, Department of Defense
Michael leads the engineering organization for the United States Air Force that delivers a global application platform for developers to ship secure software faster. Michael is at the forefront of DevSecOps initiatives for the U.S. Department of Defense and DevSecOps practices at... Read More →

Wednesday May 5, 2021 14:15 - 14:50 CEST
CI/CD Theater

15:05 CEST

Houston, We’ve Got a Problem! : How to Debug your Pipeline in Tekton - Vibhav Bobade & Vincent Demeester, Red Hat
It’s always been nice to have CI/CD as a part of your infrastructure. Nothing better than being able to automate your workflows and have jobs done for you in a timely manner. It would be a shame if your jobs/pipelines break now would it. Now all you need to do is sit and take apart the individual components of your pipeline and figure out where you went wrong. We have all been there. Only if we could debug our Pipelines :) As common as task debugging is in the programming world, in the CI/CD world, it is ridden with complexities of the infrastructure and reiterative approaches which kill time. With Tekton, it is possible to debug your pipelines on the go without stopping/restarting your PipelineRun. Tekton is a Kubernetes based, lightweight, serverless, and an easy to manage CI/CD solution which a user can use to create as well as debug their PipelineRuns at a Step level to understand what is wrong with their pipeline providing a more complete CI/CD solution.

avatar for Vibhav Bobade

Vibhav Bobade

Software Engineer, Red Hat
Vibhav Bobade works as a Software Engineer at Red Hat with a focus on CI/CD systems (Jenkins and Tekton). He is into retro game systems, programmatic art, running, cycling and playing the guitar.
avatar for Vincent Demeester

Vincent Demeester

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Vincent Demeester is a french developer, Gopher, sysadmin, factotum, free-software fan and unicode lover. He is working RedHat as a principal software engineer, previously at Docker, in the core team. He is a maintainer of the docker project (moby/moby, docker/cli, …), one the lead... Read More →

Wednesday May 5, 2021 15:05 - 15:40 CEST
CI/CD Theater
Thursday, May 6

11:35 CEST

Putting Chaos Into Continuous Delivery to Increase Application Resiliency - Juergen Etzlstorfer, Dynatrace & Karthik Satchitanand, Mayadata
Continuous Delivery practices have evolved significantly with the cloud-native paradigm. GitOps & Chaos Engineering are at the forefront of this new CD approach, with an ever-increasing pattern involving Git-backed pipeline definitions that implement “chaos stages” in pre-prod environments to gauge SLO compliance. In this talk, maintainers of the Keptn (Juergen) & LitmusChaos (Karthik) CNCF sandbox projects will discuss how you can construct pipelines that include chaos experimentation (mapped to declarative hypothesis around application steady-state) while simulating real-world load, and implement quality gates to ensure resilient applications are deployed into production. All this - in a GitOps native manner. They will also demonstrate how you can include chaos tests to your existing CD pipelines without the need of rewriting them.


Karthik Satchitanand

Software Architect, Mayadata
Karthik is a Software Architect at MayaData & one of the core maintainers of the LitmusChaos project. He primarily works on design and development of tools for e2e testing, performance benchmarking & chaos engineering. Also one of the early contributors to the OpenEBS project, Karthik... Read More →
avatar for Juergen Etzlstorfer

Juergen Etzlstorfer

Technology Strategist, Dynatrace
Jürgen is a Technology Strategist at Dynatrace and a maintainer of the Keptn open-source project. Within Keptn, he is working with the broader open-source tooling landscape on tools integrations and takes care about its growing community & ecosystem. He also loves to share his experience... Read More →

Thursday May 6, 2021 11:35 - 12:10 CEST
CI/CD Theater
  • Presentation Slides Attached Yes

12:25 CEST

Running Cache-Efficient Builds at Scale on Kubernetes with BuildKit - Gautier Delorme, Apple Inc.
Many organizations already deploy services to Kubernetes, but to fully transition from bare-metal to ephemeral infrastructure they need a cache-efficient way to run build systems on top of Kubernetes (e.g. to build docker images). In this talk, Gautier Delorme will demonstrate how to use rootless and daemonless BuildKit to run secure, fast and cache-efficient builds in Kubernetes. As an operator, you will learn how to leverage BuildKit caching mechanisms and Kubernetes Scheduler features to scale your build systems and make sure builds always run as fast as they should. As a developer, you will learn how to write secure and cache-efficient Dockerfile using new features (e.g. RUN --mount flag) to produce docker images or any other type of artifacts.

avatar for Gautier Delorme

Gautier Delorme

Software Engineer, Apple
Gautier Delorme is a Software Engineer at Apple with a focus on Kubernetes, open source and cloud-native technologies. He is working with his team on Automation and Orchestration systems on top of Kubernetes.

Thursday May 6, 2021 12:25 - 13:00 CEST
CI/CD Theater

13:30 CEST

Live Experiments with K8s Applications: Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them - Fabio Oliveira & Srinivasan Parthasarathy, IBM Research
Your K8s apps are instrumented for observability. You are using ingress controllers/service meshes in your production K8s cluster and can shift traffic between different versions of your app. You wish to take your CI/CD to the next level by introducing metrics-driven automated rollouts using live experiments like canary, A/B, and A/B/n comparisons. What could go wrong? We demonstrate how subtle differences in the design of the experiment---how metrics are collected, queried, and used; the traffic shifting policy; the number of requests sent to different versions during the experiment and its duration; and when/how it is terminated---can lead to dramatically different outcomes, and in turn, directly impact the version of the app chosen to run in production. We also discuss simple and statistically effective remedies for the above problem, so that experiments become repeatable and their outcomes are more accurate and trustworthy.

avatar for Srinivasan Parthasarathy

Srinivasan Parthasarathy

Research Scientist, IBM Research
Sri is an applied machine learning researcher passionate about creating scalable AI/ML/advanced optimization-based production-grade solutions for hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, and large-scale data-exploration. He is also a co-founder of Iter8, a cloud-native AI-driven open source experimentation... Read More →
avatar for Fabio Oliveira

Fabio Oliveira

Research Scientist, IBM Research
Fabio is a Research Scientist and Manager at IBM Research where he leads the Cloud-native Computing and Analytics team in the Hybrid Cloud Platform Research Department. Fabio has co-founded the iter8 open source project and has worked on several projects related to cloud computing... Read More →

iter8 pdf

Thursday May 6, 2021 13:30 - 14:05 CEST
CI/CD Theater

14:20 CEST

GitOps Working Group Update - Cornelia Davis, Weaveworks & Chris Sanders, Microsoft
In late 2020 the GitOps Working Group was formed under the App Delivery SIG. The goal for the WG is to “provide companies and individuals with the skills, knowledge and competency to implement GitOps tooling and methodologies which simplify the operation and management of infrastructure and cloud native applications.” Within days of the announcement more than 60 individuals from more the 30 companies expressed an interest in participating and the working group was launched. The group is meeting these goals through content creation and evangelism – white papers, blog posts, sample applications, demonstrations and more. In this session we will give an update on the working group and we will evangelize. We’ll present agreed upon key principles and practices, and we’ll teach through demonstrations using a variety of CNCF and other OSS projects such as Flux, Argo, Tekton and more. Most importantly, we will present concrete steps that will help folks get started with cloud-native (Git)ops.

avatar for Cornelia Davis

Cornelia Davis

Chief Technology Officer, Weaveworks
As the Chief Technology Officer at WeaveWorks, Cornelia Davis is responsible for the company’s technology strategy, inclusive of open source projects, commercial products and services offerings. She is driven by the desire to help enterprises transform their business through the... Read More →
avatar for Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Chris is a program manager in Microsoft Azure and works on Azure Arc and Kubernetes Configuration. He manages the GitOps capability in Azure.

Thursday May 6, 2021 14:20 - 14:55 CEST
CI/CD Theater
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