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May 4 - May 7
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Thursday, May 6

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A Pathway to CNCF Citizenship - via Communitybridge - Darshan Chaudhary & Ken Owens, Mastercard Community Theater What Do You Mean K8s Doesn't Have Users? How Do I Manage User Access Then? - Jussi Nummelin, Mirantis Inc. 101 Theater Building the Multi-Cluster Data Layer - Chirag Narang, Yugabyte App & Dev Theater Achieving the Tipping Point for Open-source Software: Making the Business Value Obvious for Upper Management - Joshua Grose, Splunk Business Value Theater Putting Chaos Into Continuous Delivery to Increase Application Resiliency - Juergen Etzlstorfer, Dynatrace & Karthik Satchitanand, Mayadata CI/CD Theater From Tweet to BadIdea: Creating an Embeddable Kubernetes Style API Server - Jason DeTiberus, Equinix Metal K8s Theater Building and Managing a Centralized ML Platform with Kubeflow at CERN - Ricardo Rocha & Dejan Golubovic, CERN ML Theater An Introduction to the Financial Services User Group - Scott Surovich, HSBC & Michael Lieberman Maintainer Track Theater Cluster API Provider AWS (CAPA) Update - Richard Case, Weaveworks & Sedef Savas, VMware Maintainer Track Theater CNCF SIG Observability Updates - Bartlomiej Płotka, Red Hat, Richard Hartmann, Grafana Labs & Simone Ferlin, Ericsson Maintainer Track Theater Contributing to Kubernetes Conformance Coverage - Zach Mandeville & Caleb Woodbine, ii.coop - https://ii.coop/ Maintainer Track Theater Taking the Helm: Becoming a Maintainer - Bridget Kromhout & Matt Butcher, Microsoft; Karena Angell, Red Hat; Matt Farina, Rancher Labs Maintainer Track Theater Cluster API as Code - David McKay, Equinix Metal Operations Theater The Art of Hiding Yourself - Lorenzo Fontana, Sysdig Security Theater

12:15 CEST

12:25 CEST

Hacking into Kubernetes Security for Beginners - Ellen Körbes, Tilt & Tabitha Sable, Datadog 101 Theater BuildKit CLI for kubectl: A New Way to Build Container Images - Daniel Hiltgen & Patrick Devine, VMware App & Dev Theater Running Cache-Efficient Builds at Scale on Kubernetes with BuildKit - Gautier Delorme, Apple Inc. CI/CD Theater Building a Community: How Cortex Went from a Vendor Project to a Community - Goutham Veeramachaneni, Grafana Labs Community Theater Akri: Making IoT Devices Accessible to Your Edge Kubernetes Clusters - Kate Goldenring, Microsoft & Jiří Appl, Microsoft K8s Theater Automated Machine Learning Performance Evaluation - Alejandro Saucedo, The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning ML Theater Cloud-Native Computing For Research Users - Jamie Poole, G-Research & Ricardo Rocha, CERN Maintainer Track Theater FalcOMG That's AWESOME - New Things, Fixed Things, and YOU Panel - Leo Di Donato, Leonardo Grasso & Radhika Puthiyetath, Sysdig & Thomas Labarussias, Qonto Maintainer Track Theater Flux: Multi-tenancy Deep Dive - Philip Laine, Xenit Maintainer Track Theater Intro + DeepDive: Kubernetes Cloud Provider Project for IBM Cloud - Sahdev Zala & Richard Theis, IBM Maintainer Track Theater Jaeger Intro and Deep Dive - Prithvi Raj, Uber & Joe Elliott, Grafana Labs Maintainer Track Theater SIG Contributor Experience Deep Dive - Bob Killen, Google; Alison Dowdney, Weaveworks; Christoph Blecker, Red Hat; Nikhita Raghunath, VMware Maintainer Track Theater Resource Requests and Limits Under the Hood: The Journey of a Pod Spec - Kohei Ota, Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Kaslin Fields, Google Operations Theater Compliance Beyond Security: a Cloud Native GDPR Implementation Experience - Johan Tordsson, Elastisys AB Security Theater

13:00 CEST

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13:30 CEST

Why Use Managed Kubernetes?: It's Dangerous to Go Alone! - Seth McCombs, Workday 101 Theater Kubernetes on Windows - A Journey - Jerry Lozano, RX-M LLC App & Dev Theater Live Experiments with K8s Applications: Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them - Fabio Oliveira & Srinivasan Parthasarathy, IBM Research CI/CD Theater Improving the Impact of Diversity Initiatives in Africa - Abubakar Siddiq Ango, GitLab Community Theater Optimizing Knowledge Distillation Training With Volcano - Ti Zhou, Baidu & William Wang, Huawei ML Theater "Extend All The Things!": Cloud Provider Edition - Joe Betz, Google Maintainer Track Theater Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) WG: K8s Best Practices for Telco Apps - Taylor Carpenter, Vulk Coop & Bill Mulligan, Cloud Native Computing Foundation Maintainer Track Theater CRI-O Still Loves Kubernetes - Sasha Grunert, Peter Hunt, Urvashi Mohnani & Mrunal Patel, Red Hat Maintainer Track Theater Kubernetes VMware UG: What’s New for K8s Users on VMware Infrastructure - Steven Wong & Myles Gray, VMware Maintainer Track Theater Overview and State of Linkerd - William Morgan & Matei David, Buoyant, Inc. Maintainer Track Theater SIG Scheduling Intro and Deep Dive - Mike Dame & Jan Chaloupka, Red Hat Maintainer Track Theater Panel Discussion: Cloud Native Networking State of the Union - Raghavan Srinivas, InfoQ; Lin Sun & Christian Posta, Solo.io; Alyssa Wilk & Tim Hockin, Google Networking Theater When Prometheus Can’t Take the Load Anymore - Liron Cohen, Riskified Observability Theater COSI: The Common Operating System Interface - Steven Borrelli, Mastercard & Andrew Rynhard, Talos-Systems Operations Theater Uncovering a Sophisticated Kubernetes Attack in Real-Time - Jed Salazar & Natália Réka Ivánkó, Isovalent Security Theater

14:15 CEST

14:20 CEST

Choose Wisely: Understanding Kubernetes Selectors - Christopher Hanson, RX-M,llc. 101 Theater Lessons Learned Deploying Traditional Web Applications on Top of Kubernetes - Marcos Bjoerkelund, VMware App & Dev Theater GitOps Working Group Update - Cornelia Davis, Weaveworks & Chris Sanders, Microsoft CI/CD Theater From Zero to Hero: Outcomes from Cloud-Native El Salvador Community Creation - Raul Flamenco, Acopula Networks & Mauricio Quevedo, KORINVER Community Theater Mental Health In Unprecedented Times - Dr. Jennifer Akullian, Growth Coaching Institute Community Theater Sidecars at Netflix: From Basic Injection to First Class Citizens - Rodrigo Campos Catelin, Kinvolk & Manas Alekar, Netflix K8s Theater Building MLOps POCs and Sandbox Environments Using k3s and Argo - Sergio Mendez, Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala ML Theater Intro to KubeEdge: Kubernetes Native Edge Computing Framework - Kevin (Zefeng) Wang, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Maintainer Track Theater Introduction to Cloud Native Buildpacks - Stephen Levine, VMware & Jesse Brown, Salesforce Maintainer Track Theater Kubernetes SIG-Storage Intro and Update - Xing Yang, VMware & Jan Šafránek, Red Hat Maintainer Track Theater Minikube and Three Different Local Kubernetes Learning Environments - Anders Björklund & Predrag Rogic Maintainer Track Theater Notary v2: Supply Chain Security for Containers - Justin Cormack, Docker & Steve Lasker, Microsoft Maintainer Track Theater SIG-Autoscaling Deep Dive and Q+A - Maciek Pytel & Marcin Wielgus, Google Maintainer Track Theater How to Break your Kubernetes Cluster with Networking - Thomas Graf, Isovalent Networking Theater Log Support in OpenTelemetry - Steve Flanders, Splunk Observability Theater Power Level 9000! Improving Application Performance with Chaos Engineering - Saiyam Pathak, Civo & Karthik Gaekwad, Verica Performance Theater Enhancing Kubernetes with the Security Profiles Operator - Colleen Murphy & Sascha Grunert, Red Hat Security Theater From Allyship to Sponsorship: Solutions to Design a Diverse and Inclusive Community, Sponsored by Red Hat Virtual

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